Tadano ATF 160G-5

Tadano ATF 160G-5

  • 160T

  • 60 M

  • 37.2M

  • Broom 56m Fully Automatic Luffing Jib 55m

  • Mercedes-Benz 8 cylinder model OM 502 LA

  • 0.7

  • L 15.24M x W 3M x H 3.99 M

  • 39,810kg

  • 85km/h

  • 1.4 min (rpm)

  • 360* Continuous

  • 51 t, 36 t, 24 t, 12 t

The Tadano ATF160G-5 is a powerful machine. It is powered by a 184 horsepower Mercedes Benz OM 906 LA 6 cylinder water-cooled diesel engine. This engine gives the ATF160G-5 the power to complete the lifts you need. It is equipped standard with a 5-part telescoping boom. Each section was crafted with fine grained steel. All telescope sections can be extended and retracted fully automatically, and also locked in the selected working position.